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Here to download the game? Download Chapter 1 & 2 for free now using the orange "Download" button at the bottom.

Chapter 1&2をダウンロードしたい方は、このページの下にあるオレンジ色の「Download」ボタンをクリックして下さい。

OK, now onto the description...

The next adventure in the UNDERTALE series has appeared!

Fight (or spare) alongside new characters in UNDERTALE's parallel story, DELTARUNE...!


  • A massive soundtrack and story written by Toby Fox!
  • Meet new and endearing main characters, as well as familiar faces like Toriel, Sans, as more. Huh? Papyrus? No, he's busy. Sorry
  • Smooth and expressive pixel-animation by Temmie. She also has a new hat (in-game)
  • A linear, chapter-based system that you can pick up from anywhere.
  • Creative bullet-dodging based battles inspired by games like Touhou and Chrono Trigger.
  • Jevilishly difficult hidden bosses.
  • And...
  • ...
  • ... only 1 ending...?

Chapters 3-5 are now in development and will someday be available as a paid release. Follow the official twitter for extremely sparse up to date info!

Want to support the game? Buy the soundtrack!


DELTARUNE Chapter 1&2 (Windows 1.10).zip 143 MB
DELTARUNE Chapter 1&2 (Mac 1.10).zip 148 MB

Install instructions


Click the orange button that says "Download" for your OS.

Windows --

Save the file to the location you want. After that, right click and choose "extract all." In the folder you extracted the file to, double click on "DELTARUNE Chapter 1&2". 

Note: A blue poppup may come up saying the program will harm your computer. Press "More info" on the left then choose "Run anyway." Have fun!

Note: You need DirectX installed for the game to work.

OSX --

Drag and drop the app into your "Applications" folder before running it.

If that doesn't work, try downloading it on Steam.


お使いのOS向けのオレンジ色の「Download Now」のボタンをクリックして下さい。


お好みのフォルダにファイルを保存。ダウンロードが完了したら、ファイルを右クリックして「すべて展開」を選択。展開したフォルダの中のファイルのうち、「DELTARUNE Chapter 1&2」をダブルクリックして下さい。



OSXの場合 ---




Need support?Questions? Check this out:https://deltarune.com/help/